Research: Streaming has replaced the personal record collection

Denmark: Radio is still the preferred medium for music, but over the last couple of years the personal record collection has suffered defeat to streaming. After almost 100 years of collecting and listening to music, listeners now turn to streaming. But radio and streaming can live happily together, concludes Danish research paper “Medieudviklingen 2015”.

CDs covering walls and boxes of vinyl are difficult to find in a typical Danish home. According to research paper “Medieudviklingen 2014” by DR Medieforskningen almost 100 years of the personal record collection long playing vinyl, cassettes and CDs are no longer what they used to be.

The paper concludes that people still prefer radio when they listen to music, but a lot has happened to the other forms of listening. In 2010 only 10 per cent of Danes streamed music, where 35 per cent prefer this method today. Music, owned digitally or physically, is 21 per cent of listening – the rest of the time is mostly used on radio.

Writes head of research at DR Medieforskning, Dennis Christensen, and researcher Uffe Høy Svenningsen:

– So far streaming and radio seem to be able to live happily side by side, and the personal record collection have lost out. This is true, except among younger ones. For young Danes 55 per cent of all music listening is streaming – more than radio and the record collection combined.

According to “Medieudviklingen 2015” four out of ten Danes use a streaming service, but very few use more than one service. By far Spotify is the most popular, it is being used by 60 per cent of those streaming.

New music discovered in the radio

Streaming seem to win the hearts and ears of Danes, but the time used on streaming is not taken from listening to the radio.

– Radio includes so much more than music and this unique content has a profound impact on peoples lives every day. New music is still discovered on the radio, despite streaming and YouTube catching up quickly.

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