Research: Radio most reliable news source

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Netherlands: Radio is the most reliable news source in a world where the confidence in media is declining. Research from EBU Media Intelligence Services from august concludes that Europeans turn to radio for reliability in reporting – this is true in 20 of 33 countries surveyed. 

What about TV then? News broadcasters carpet the airwaves with rolling coverage and video of news events as they happen – yet they come in as number two.

The Netherlands are one of the 20 countries where radio wins top spot, reports

National BNR reports on the research saying:

“Television is not doing badly. This medium is designated as trustworthy in 13 countries. Social networks do better and better, but are still seen as the least reliable media. People in Eastern Europe has the most confidence in social media. The written press does not do so well: no less than 14 countries find this media form the most unreliable “.

Compared to a report last year show a decline in confidence in media.

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