Digital radio: More radio stations, more listening and greater coverage

UK: The latest annual report from the British media watchdog Ofcom show an increase in digital radio stations to a total of almost 450, including stations on the DAB mini-muxes. Listening is growing and the digital coverage of Britain (BBC DAB) is at 97.3 per cent.

Ofcom report on the progress of digital radio in the UK annually, as requested by Government as part of the Digital Radio Action Plan. The report is positive for the radio industry and show that listeners and industry are in sync.

Digital listening has increased to 45.5 per cent and in six areas of the UK digital listening exceeds 50 per cent.

National BBC DAB coverage has been increased to 97.3 per cent of UK households and local DAB coverage has been expanded to 90 per cent of UK households in line with the Government coverage criteria for switchover.

85 per cent of new cars sold now have DAB digital radio fitted as standard and 43 per cent of drivers and passengers say they travel in a vehicle with a digital radio ‘in most weeks’. This is an increase of 13 percentage points since last year.

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