Expensive licence fees across Europe – makes for stability says EBU

Europe: The Swiss pay more for their public service broadcaster in licence fees than anyone else in Europe. Not far off are the Danish, Norwegians, Austrians and Swedes. Being financed by a licence fee gives stability and transparency.

A licence fee is a good way to finance public service concludes the EBU in a report that was made available to members in October. The report is now available to the public in a shortened edited version.

Various forms of licence fees pays for public service broadcasting in about half of the countries where EBU has members. The EBU concludes in their report that licence fees provide stability and transparency and that the fee, on average 137 euros, is cheaper than cable or satellite.

The dearest annual bill goes to the Swiss (433 euro/year) followed by Denmark (327), Norway (308), Austria (282) and Sweden (222). Cheapest fee can found in Algeria where they pay 5 euros per year. In nine countries the whole feego to the broadcaster(s): Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania,  Bosnia, Albania and Turkey. In a further eight countries more than 90 per cent of the fee go to the broadcaster: Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.


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