Jingles: Omrop Fryslân – new Christmas jingles from Top Format

Top Format studios in Harleem in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands: Top Format has delivered a fresh new Christmas package to public broadcaster Omrop Fryslân. The station was rebranded in September and the seasonal package go hand-in-hand with the new sound.

Press release:

Omrop Fryslân is one of The Netherlands most successful public broadcasters. The regional brand successfully operates online, via social media, apps and television. While the general radio imaging is re-branded in September 2016, now the custom jingle set is expended with a magical Christmas jingle package.

Top Format Productions is glad to announce the Omrop Fryslân Christmas jingles 2016, based on the general station imaging but completely re-composed around the temporary Holidays format, premiering at Saturday the 10th of December.

Dave Albers, Creative Director: “The new Christmas jingles for Omrop Fryslân are a mixture of the Modern Pop music strategy flavored with a modern touch of the finest Holiday hooks. This sparkling combination is like a perfect Christmas playlist, that makes everybody feel good!”

The Omrop Fryslân 2016 Christmas jingles are built around 15 main themes. All main ID’s are mixed with- and without custom pre-logo’s, as full ramps, basic ID’s, shotguns and rapid fires.

Credits Top Format Productions BV

Produced by #dreamteam Gijs Knol, Bud Kolk & Elaine Thiele Creative & Account by Dave Albers

Credits Omrop Fryslân

Jan Dirk de Haan, Marcell Mijwaart & Martijn Engbrenghof

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