Norwegian parliament question digital switch-over

Illustrasjonsfoto. Stortinget, Spørretimen, november 2007. Foto: Røed - Own work (own picture), CC BY-SA 2.5

Norway: The Norwegian parliament (the Storting) question the digital switch-over planned to start in little over a month. In a parliamentary session today one of the ruling coalition parties and three opposition parties question the switch-over. Ministers are being asked to bring assurances back to the Storting that DAB will provide the required level of coverage in an emergency.

Voting 85 against 40, members of parliament sent ministers for transport and communications, culture and fisheries back to their respective departments to find evidence that DAB will provide the sufficient level of coverage to reach people in an emergency.

The planned digital switch-over will start on January 11.

It was Labour (Arbeiderpartiet), the largest opposition party, that asked for the debate to be referred to a later time so ministers could satisfy parliament that digital radio will provide at least equal levels of emergency readiness as FM.


The Progressive Party (Fremskrittspartiet), one half of the governing coalition with the Conservatives (Høyre), has been opposed to the switch-over from the outset. The Centre Party (Senterpartiet), The Green Party (Miljøpartiet De Grønne) and Labour (Arbeiderpartiet) have all been raising concerns. The Conservatives (Høyre) are the only party that did not want to refer the debate.

– The Storting has been given assurances from the Government about DAB’s emergency readiness and coverage. However, what are we to believe when coalition partner The Progressive Party (Fremskrittspartiet) express doubt in the whole switch-over process. It is natural to ask then if Parliament has been given all facts, says Labour (Arbeiderpartiet) MP Arild Grande to newspaper VG.

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