Radio 538 make dreams come true in December

The Netherlands: Radio 538 set to fulfill dreams this December. From Monday 5th to Friday 16th listeners can let their dreams known and the radio station will make it true for one person each day. Named “De Beste Wensen” (Best Wishes) the stations has in the past given people parachute jumps and champagne baths.

Dutch broadcaster Radio 538 invite listeners do make their dreams known or to nominate someone whose dreams they would like to see come true. They suggest any number of things, such as training with their favourite football team, bathing in champagne or do a photo shoot for the cover a magazine.

When they last ran the competition, back in 2014, one listener got a dream day at the radio station and another and another jumped out of a plane.

“De Beste Wensen” can be heard all day from 6 am to 7 pm from tomorrow (Monday 5th December) to Friday 16th December.

(Video in Dutch)

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