300.000 Norwegians got a DAB radio for Christmas – 74 per cent of households now digital

Illustration. Photo: Revo

Norway: The big switch-over begins Wednesday (11 January) and Norwegians seem to be ready. Fresh figures show that 300.000 got a DAB radio for Christmas bringing the number of households with at least one digital radio to 74 per cent. In a country of 5.2 million souls, there are no less than 3.9 million DAB radio’s.

Digitalradioundersøkelsen (periodical digital radio survey), a report from Kantar TNS, show truly incredible numbers over Christmas. Norwegians may not think it is a good idea to switch to digital, two out of three say they rather want FM, but they are making sure they have a digital radio.

Some 300.000 people got a DAB radio for Christmas, making the total number of DAB enabled radio’s 3.9 million in an otherwise small country of only 5.2 million. This means that more than 7 out of 10 households in Norway have at least one digital radio. Pretty good ahead of the switch off, and far more that the number of digital TV’s ahead of that switch off a few years ago.

Head of Communication at Digitalradio Norway, Mari Hagerup, says to RadioAssistant.com:

– First and foremost these numbers show that Norwegians are preparing for the switch off. The majority of listening is already digital, but this year all listeners must make the switch over. 74 per cent of households are already digital.

Ilustration, Pure DAB.

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