Digital listening continues to grow to an all time high in 2016

DR Byen. Photo: Frank B. Daugaard - CC BY-SA 2.0

Denmark: Danish radio listening is down year on year, but there is some light in the darkness – Danes are embracing digital and in 2016 it grew to an all time high of 36 per cent. The annual report, Medieudviklingen 2016, show that public service broadcaster Denmark’s Radio (DR) more or less control the market.

Danish radio has had some good years but in 2016 slumped back in to recession and lower figures. The positive in the annual Medieudviklingen 2016-report is digital listening.

An average Dane over 12 years listened to the radio for 1 hour and 56 minutes every day last year. Four and a half minutes less than in 2015, at 2 hours and 1 minute.

– The decline is not overall, but contained to individual radio stations, says head of DR Medieforskning, the research wing of Denmark’s Radio, Dennis Christensen.

– 36 per cent of all radio was consumed digitally in 2016, 31 per cent in 2015 and 28 per cent in 2014.

Podcasting still for the few

Podcasts and podcasting was given a lot of attention in 2016, but listening has not changed much – however most people now know what it is.

– 9 per cent of Danes listened to a podcast weekly in 2016, unchanged year on year, says Christensen-

– 64 per cent said they didn’t listen to any podcast at all, slightly down from 68 per cent the year before. The real challenge is to convert those who know what a podcast is, or who listen occasionally, into regular listeners.

The top 10 by share (12+) in 2016:

1. P4 – 35,9 procent
2. P3 – 15,7 procent
3. P1 – 6,8 procent
4. P5 – 6,5 procent
5. Nova – 4,8 procent
6. P2 – 3,3 procent
7. Radio 24syv – 2,7 procent
8. P7 Mix – 2,5 procent
9. Skala FM – 1,8 procent
10. Radio 100 – 1,7 procent
(Source: Kantar Gallup Radio-Meter)

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