European Radio Show 2017 – Paris

France: Ever been to the European Radio Show? No? Well, unless you are French or at least French speaking you wouldn’t have much to do there. This time around, though, they’re opening the floor by introducing English and inviting the United Kingdom as the country of honour.

French is one of the great languages out there. I did six years of French at school and even liked it. However, it is now mostly forgotten. Sadly. Because the French radio market is interesting, vibrant and the French seem to love their radio. I don’t know how you feel about French music in French, but I love it.

How about the conference then? Well that, like its host country, is somewhat different to what you are probably used to. For one it is free. Nothing is free anymore, but this one is. That means a lot of non-professionals and quite crowded. For those companies who are there presenting their products and services need to bring an awful lot of patience and deal with a number of amateurs before they reach the decision makers. On the other hand, it offers a real opportunity for those new to the industry access to a conference without parting with hundreds of euros for the privilege.

What makes the the European Radio Show 2017 interesting?

During the three days of the conference a number of things should interest the wider European radio industry, possibly even the industry around the world. For one the .radio TLD will be launched officially. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) won the rights to it and will launch it in Paris.

Having the UK as featured country/country of honour brings a lot of attention to British radio. Expect focus on the BBC, Global and Bauer. This companies are of course involved in the wider digital debate. The Norwegians are invited to give insight on the FM switch-off this year.

For further insight on what is going on in Norway refer to this article: The facts: The Norwegian FM switch-off.

Then, of course, the usual subjects on the conference circuit: morning shows, formats, content, platforms, social media, personalities, podcasting, ratings, marketing and sales and everything in between.

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