How about a live broadcast from a submarine? Leave it to the Dutch

Netherlands: The Dutch are not shy, and if there is fun to be had trust them to be close to the action. Radio 538’s Frank Dane and his Friday evening show ‘De Frank en Vrijdag Show’ will come to listeners live from a submarine Friday night (20 January).

Submarines are hostile – no feel good movies for instance, no romance or pink fluffy clouds. Captain Nemo and his sub being the odd one out. Radio 538 are taking to the seas tomorrow night and will broadcast their popular ‘De Frank en Vrijdag Show’ live from the sub Walrus.

The Walrus, with its crew of 50 men and Frank Dane with his radio crew, among them DJ’s that will do a live set submerged in the English Channel, will leave the Dutch naval base in Den Helder Friday evening to do something new.

That’s the whole point. Do something that has not been done before – at least not in the Netherlands – a live broadcast from a submarine. Frank Dane is pretty sure no one has done it anywhere…

– We are going to do something that has never been done on this planet, he says to Dutch industry publication Radio.NL.

Added bonus – a few listeners will be able to join them on their voyage.

The Dutch Navy are happy to accommodate Radio 538 and lieutant Berend van de Kraats says in a comment: “We are not visible, so it will be fun to be heard.”

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