Imaging: ReelWorld Breeze into 2017

UK: For the fifth year in a row The Breeze Network in the UK has come to ReelWorld for new radio jingles. Their 2017 update is a re-sing of ReelWorld’s recent package for Norway’s biggest radio station NRK P1 and takes the station sound into a softer and more natural space.

The jingle package features the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, NRK’s very own 53-piece orchestra, who performed the themes at NRK’s Oslo headquarters adding a level of gravitas and confidence to the compositions.

The Breeze jingles also include a new bespoke sequence for news, weather and travel bulletins as well as mix outs for breakfast and late shows.

The original NRK P1 package has been on air since last summer. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship radio brand, NRK P1, is Norway’s biggest radio station with a market share of around 45%. Over a third of the population tune in each week to the station’s mix of music, speech content, drama and comedy.

Hear the new jingles below, or find the demo on

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