Is Amazon Echo the game changer for podcasting?

Europe: We came across an interesting blog discussing the Amazon Echo and how it had changed writer Colin Gray’s listening habits completely. Let us be honest, we all love podcasts but when do we find time to listen through that ever growing list of unplayed episodes? Voice controlled tech is the solution, writes

Podcasting is a brilliant medium and is to radio what time shift and on-demand is to TV. Episodes allows listeners to consume audio content whenever and wherever they want. Problem is – do they? Podcasting isn’t as easy to use as the radio, it requires a lot of steps and quite frankly when do you find time to listen?

Colin Gray had the same issue, but writes in an article on how a piece of tech has solved it. In fact, it has made life different. He writes:

I’m a geek. I’ve always had a lot of tech in my house. But, despite that, I often just can’t be bothered to get out my phone, turn on the bluetooth speaker, link ‘em up, deal with the 20% of times it inexplicably doesn’t link (despite the fact it worked perfectly 2 hours ago!), navigate to an app, find something to listen to and hit play. I know – first world problems – it’s not that onerous. But, it’s enough to put me off when I’ve just got 10 minutes pottering around the kitchen.

The solution for him was the Amazon Echo.

Now, though, when I reach the kitchen in the morning, I just speak. And it works. Sometimes it’s: “Alexa, play Radio 2.” The dulcet tones of Chris Evans fire up in an instant. Or it’s: “Alexa, play the Cnet Update.” The most excellent (now finished…!) Cnet Tech update podcast would kick in.

As a podcaster himself Mr Gray know all to well what the issues are.

It’s the ease that matters here. Our biggest problem as podcasters is that listening still isn’t easy. Apps have come a long way in the past few years, but it’s still a process.

If this is what is required – the radio industry might find that they need to add voice controlled home tech to the list of battles to fight.

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