Bayern 1 with brand new sound design from Brandy

Germany/Belgium: Bayern 1 has just taken delivery of new jingles from Brandy. The most popular of public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk offerings, Bayern 1 has a market share of 23.6 per cent and reach some 3 million listeners.

Press release:

Adult, positive and with a nod to contemporary production values. That’s how the new Bayern 1 styling sounds. AC jingles that reflect the sounds of the hits from the past decades – without sounding like sound-alikes.

BRANDY composed and produced show openers for Bayern 1’s various radio shows. And in addition, a number of tracks from the Brandy catalogue were customized. Altogether, 21 basic cuts in all possible mix-outs, including a variety of beds.
The most listened to station of public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, Bayern 1 has a market share of 23.6% and reaches nearly 3 million listeners (source: Medien Analyse 2016 Radio II).

Since 2014, Bayern 1 has been working with BRANDY for the station’s on-air branding.

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