Brandy jingles with WOW! factor

Belgium/Canada: After Pop Radio, Brandy Jingles also signed on for the restyling of WOW! 97.1. Both radio stations are owned by RNC Media in Canada.

Press release:

WOW! 97.1 selected cuts from the Enjoy package that Brandy originally produced for 4FM. The jingles catch immediate attention through their warm, melodic pop sound and wide, layered vocal arrangements. The result is a very international AC-sound that combines European and American influences.

– This is extraordinary! We are very pleased and proud with this package. This must be one of the most beautiful French-language jingle packages ever produced. A great way to launch a new brand.

This reaction by Sébastien Lavoie, Programme Director at WOW! 97.1, speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

All cuts can be heard at

WOW! 97.1 is a French-language radio station targeting a mostly female audience between the ages of 30 and 49. WOW! can be heard in western Quebec. It’s part of RNC Media, a Canadian media group that operates 16 radio stations and 5 television stations and has 320 employees.

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