Look who’s back! Live365 returns after a year of silence

USA: Yesterday, Monday 2 January, there was life on live365.com. Simply stating “We’re back”. After pulling the plug back in January 2016, they have new owners and renewed passion – or so they tell us – proclaiming they are radio “for the people, by the people.”

In a statement live365.com announce their comeback:

We are elated to announce that Live365 had been rescued and is resurging to be better than ever. We have new owners, a renewed passion for small webcasters, and fierce dedication to come back stronger. The ‘new’ Live365 is more dedicated and passionate about giving small webcasters a voice and tools they need to succeed in Internet radio. We are radio “for the people, by the people.”

This time around the music rights are covered by Live365. In exchange they will want to place adverts in your live stream. The website – only a container at this point, without stations – promises easy to learn 24/7 cloud automation, live support, brandable players and revenue generation.

The obvious USP this time around is “legal”. Live365 makes it possible to quickly get up and running, if you are in the US. If you are not, check with your local copyright society before doing something you might live to regret.

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