Nielsen Music: Streaming overtake digital sales

USA: Figures released this month show that streaming exploded last year, rising by 76 percent in the United States to overtake digital sales of music for the first time in history. Americans used streaming services to listen to 431 billion songs. How this compares to radio the figures from Nielsen Music does not say.

Americans used on demand streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music, to listen to 431 billion songs in 2016, led by hip hop and R&B artists like Drake, The Weeknd, Kanye West and Rihanna, Nielsen said in its 2016 U.S. year-end report.

The growth in streaming was more than enough to offset declines in other formats, particularly digital sales, leading to an overall 3 percent increase in music consumption compared with 2015, the report said.

Radio reach far more people than streaming, but impact of airplay v streaming is not covered by Nielsen Music.

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