Sia “Cheap Thrills ” most played on German radio in 2016

Mark Forster - the most played German language artist in Germany in 2016. Photo: Superbass - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Germany: The Australian artist Sia won German hearts in 2016 and her hit “Cheap Thrills” was the most played song last year. Following Sia was Justin Timberlake’s “Can not Stop The Feeling” and Imany with “Do not Be So Shy” in a Filatov & Karas Remix.

No German artist made it on to the top three last year. Imany is French and missed out on second place to American Justin Timberlake by only a couple of thousand plays.

The airplay charts were dominated by Sia and Justin Timberlake, reports There were only twenty different number ones throughout the year, and Sia was the only artist to have two different titles at the top spot, “Cheap Thrills” and “The Greatest”.

A number of artists and songs did well over the course of 2016, notably British singer Adele. She had three songs feature heavily on radio.

The most played artist was Twenty One Pilots – but despite being played 92.000 times, no single song had enough plays to get into the top three.

The most successful German language song was “Wir sind groß” by Mark Forster, but it drowned on a Top 100 that featured 87 songs in English.

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