As the world is going digital – sales of vinyl and cassettes are increasing

The Netherlands: Remember taping chart shows on the radio? How about making the perfect mix tape? It will probably be a thing of the past for most, but lately more and more people are getting reconnected with the analogue media of the past.

The Dutch invention, the cassette, was effectively killed off by that other Dutch invention, the CD. Well, almost. Cassette sales are on the rise. US sales figures provided by Nielsen show that it increased from around 74.000 tapes in 2015 to over 129.000 last year.

It proves difficult to find sales figures from other countries, but according to some sites there is an increased popularity to be seen elsewhere too.

In the UK vinyl has found its way back in to shops and lately alternative music has been released on cassettes as well. Well known acts, such as Justin Bieber, Metallica and Eminem release their albums cassettes

Cassettes were perfect for young people back in the eighties and the Sony Walkman was the mp3 and Spotify for the generation that remembers MTV playing music videos.

Imagine that the cassette, born in the Netherlands in the sixties, still has a future.

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