Deadline for second national DAB-multiplex in Germany this Friday

Germany: The new national DAB-multiplex in Germany will be operational by mid-2017 if all goes well. The deadline to operate the MUX is this Friday at noon CET. At least two radio stations have said they are planning to be on it, several others are expected to make known their intentions over the next weeks.

A second national DAB multiplex will be providing even more choice to German listeners some time this summer – if all goes well. Among the stations planning to be on it are Kölner domradio in Cologne and Rock Antenne from Munich.

No stations are expected to be announced officially until at least March when regulators will have had a look at applicants and issued licences.

The second national digital network was announced in December of last year. Regulators said applicants must provide a national service as regionalisation is not seen as necessary. For regional and local services there are more than enough capacity on other multiplexes across Germany.

– A second national multiplex will add to the diversity of radio stations offered and we hope it will boost the popularity of the DAB+, said Siegfried Schneider, Director for the Direktorenkonferenz der Landesmedienanstalten (DLM).

– This will be an important contribution to the development of the digital terrestrial radio market.

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