Local Radio Day returns in May – will celebrate what “proper local radio” do every day

UK: British local radio stations can celebrate themselves when Local Radio Day returns after its inaugural event last year. Any local radio in Britain can participate in a day where local radio is celebrated in the local communities where they broadcast.

Local radio stations are unique, and this day set out to celebrate that.

– Local Radio Day (26th May) celebrates the partnership that exists between radio stations and their listeners and sets out to demonstrate the difference that local really makes, localradioday.co.uk explains.

Local Radio can help local businesses prosper and thrive, making a real impact on the economy of the areas where it still exists and it can provide skills and training to local people.

Unfortunately many local radio stations are becoming less and less local.

Within the definition of local radio are also the BBC and their local stations, in addition to commercial, community and the charitable sector. Last year some 50 radio stations participated.

Even if your radio station is not in Britain, take note of the initiative and see how, what UKRD boss William Rogers labels it, “proper local radio” do to provide essential news and information, supporting local campaigns, attending community events or being the voice of the community when needed.

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