Radio Luxembourg DJ’s come out in force at book launch in London

UK: Radio Luxembourg DJ’s came out in force to support Tony Prince and his new book “The Royal Ruler & the Railway DJ”. Over 200 VIP guests and others marked the book launch at the Hard Rock Cafe in London. Enda Caldwell reporting.

In LONDON, Wednesday 8th February 2017, PATRICK ENGELBERG, AMBASSADOR OF LUXEMBOURG for the UK staged a lavish reception and buffet at THE EMBASSY OF LUXEMBOURG in LONDON. It was held exclusively for all former RADIO LUXEMBOURG DJs in support of the launch of TONY PRINCE’S new book “THE ROYAL RULER & THE RAILWAY DJ” a double autobiography from both sides of the IRON CURTAIN.

Later on in the evening over 200 VIP’S, including friends, well known celebrities from the world of music, entertainment, sport, and popular culture as well as certain radio managers and DJs from across the radio spectrum joined in the party until the wee small hours at THE HARD ROCK CAFÉ on LONDON’S PICCADILLY to celebrate RADIO LUXEMBOURG and the book launch.
This is the story of the communist effect on the teenagers and musicians in CZECHOSLOVAKIA, set against the remarkable career of TONY PRINCE, a DJ who rocked the boat (from RADIO CAROLINE NORTH), met ELVIS PRESLEY, sang with PAUL MC CARTNEY and RINGO STARR, toured with the OSMONDS and partied with LED ZEPPELIN.

PRINCE became the only DJ to perform inside the iron curtain not long after the RUSSIAN invasion of CZECHOSLOVAKIA which is where the authors first met.

This is the story of the daddy of all radio stations RADIO LUXEMBOURG and the DJs who entertained an estimated 100 million TRANS-EUROPEAN listeners every night on 208 METRES // 1440khz AM from 1933 and for over sixty years until the station’s AM closure at the end of 1991.

Whilst every kid across EUROPE listened to their transistor radios hidden beneath their pillows in fear of their parents, JAN ŠESTÁK listened in the knowledge that the CZECHOSLOVAK SECRET POLICE who prowled his land would send him to prison if he were discovered. Their GESTAPO predecessors imposed the death sentence on anyone caught listening to western radio stations.

There are two incredible sides to the RADIO LUXEMBOURG listening experience and you may be forgiven if you can hardly believe what you are about to read.

Here is the first book in the world to reveal what teenage life was like under COMMUNISM in the EASTERN BLOCK and what boundless fun it must have been like for the men behind the microphone.

To get your copy of THE ROYAL RULER AND THE RAILWAY DJ visit the DMC site here:

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