New listening figures: 2 million Norwegians now listen digitally

Illustrasjonsfoto: NRK Klassisk, verdens første heldigitale radiostasjon på DAB.

Norway: Figures released today show that 2 million Norwegians listen to radio digitally every day. The Kantar TNS ratings from February show that two thirds of all listening is now digital. 1.6 million listen to DAB daily.

Key figures:

  • 2 million Norwegians listen to digital radio every day (Digitalradioundersøkelsen Kantar TNS)
  • 1,6 million Norwegians listen to DAB every day (Digitalradioundersøkelsen Kantar TNS)
  • 72 per cent listen to digital radio every day (Digitalradioundersøkelsen Kantar TNS)
  • 3 million Norwegians listen to radio every day (PPM, Kantar TNS)

– The lack of FM resources has lead Norway to a new era in radio. The rapid growth in radio stations and the listening figures show that digital has met a need for the listener, says Ole Jørgen Torvmark, MD of Digital Radio Norway.

No national radio station has been launched on FM since 2004. Digitally Norway has added 25 national stations since 1995, completing an offering of 30 national DAB-stations today.

More radio on more platforms

Listeners today use a mix of digital and analogue platforms. Norway is shutting off the national FM-network this year, leaving only local radio. These stations have an extended five year period on their FM licences.

– Society is going digital and radio is part of this digital shift. A typical Norwegian listener use apps, computers, multi room solutions, DAB or other platforms, says Torvmark.

He emphasise that the majority of listening is happening on the DAB-platform.

– Most digital listening is on DAB. This is true all over Norway – FM having been switched off or not. Norwegians seem to like radio on a radio, Torvmark says.

There are about 4 million DAB radios in Norway. 2.5 million of these are in the home and about 890.000 are in cars. 580.000 have a DAB radio in their holiday home, in their boats or as a handheld radio when they are out and about.

There are about 6.9 million FM radios in total.

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