Radiodays Europe: ‘Live radio is our beating heart’

Netherlands: Monday saw the first full day of sessions at the RAI in Amsterdam. Talpa Radio CEO Menno Koningsberger delivered the headline; ‘Live radio is our beating heart’. Have a look at our super fast round-up of Monday’s events.

Radiodays Europe opened Monday! A lot happened, a lot was said and as always we will try to make sense of it for you. So here goes…

Mike Hill, MD of Radioplayer, shared a video with delegates that answers what Radioplayer is:

Aiden McCullen challenged common thinking and said radio cannot only be radio anymore.

Imagine commercial producers being given access to the BBC public… well, that can happen, says Bob Shennan. Shennan says BBC are thinking about aggregating podcasts, even from outside providers, and gave Jazz FM as an example.

Facebook Live – not surprisingly a session that was packed. It’s available on all verified pages.

Standing room only also at the Spotify/Mixcloud-session “The future of music streaming”.

Something to think about from Naja Nielson (Denmark): Radio on mobile is in direct competition with everything else on that phone. And remember, there’s an app for just about everything.

Monday was the international day of happiness. UK’s RadioCentre shared research that shows people feel twice as happy when listening to the radio.

And what would Radiodays Europe be without an opportunity to meet the companies that provides us with all the tools of the trade? Wise Buddah, the British production company, is here:

All In Media – that has created the Radioplayer and Radiodays Europe apps, among other things – are present at the RAI:

ReelWorld’s stand is so big they had to drive it to Amsterdam, named it The Master Bus and filled it with a studio and.. a fridge full of beer.

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