How important is podcasting? Ask Neal Carruth

USA: Exactly how important is podcasting? Well, important enough for NPR to create a position called general manager of podcasting. The first one to have this title is Neal Carruth. – The podcasting landscape is only getting more intense, he says to Radio World.

What goes on in the radio industry?
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Podcasting began over a decade ago and has matured quickly. There are several mega podcasts out there, like Serial, and This American Life. A lot of money is put into podcasting and finally the investment seems to paying off financially as well.

– There’s a fierce competition both for audience and talent, says Carruth in a longer article published by Radio World.

Podcasting is very much a field where the Americans are in the driving seat. The few metrics we have show Americans are familiar with what it is and is indeed listening. The best examples of great podcasts are also Americans, for the most part because it is in English. NPR and WNYC are two names worth remembering when having a look at “best in class” examples.

Looking at the future for podcasting at NPR, Neal Carruth believes he is already on to the winning formula:

– I think a lot of our future success will involve amping up the things that we’re already doing.

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