Online? Podcast? Social Media? What should your attention and money be on?

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USA: The radio industry can easily get over-stretched in the current media climate. With important questions about what to do and how to budget, what do you chose? That is the subject of discussion at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Los Angeles next week.

What goes on in the radio industry?
ALL the stories – ALL the time

The Worldwide Radio Summit has gathered an impressive panel of radio people to discuss one of the most important questions right now: “What should be my focus and where do I spend my money?”.

Being seen with North American eyes the list of different avenues includes satellite, but also broadcast, digital, mobile, streaming, podcasting and social media is on the list.

This is the challenge:

You can’t be everywhere and be equally excellent on every digital and social platform. There’s a “hierarchy of attention” each brand needs to build; how much time to commit to each platform in order to be effective, and which ones we just have to walk away from. This panel of pros will help you identify where to place your limited resources (time, people and money), and create measurable impact on ratings and revenue.

The impressive and international panel includes:

Anders Held – Co-Founder & Manager, Radio Days (Europe)
Daniel Anstandig – CEO, Futuri Media
James Cridland – Managing Director, Media.Info
Kevin LeGrett – President, L.A. Region & SW Division, iHeartMedia
Mark Pennington – PD, WRIF/Detroit
Steve Jones – VP/GM, ABC Radio & ABC News

As to the answer, we will be in Hollywood to follow the debate. It is clear it is impossible to do it all equally well – so what is it? Can anyone afford not to at least do something, even if it just a little?

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