Exclusive: RadioAnalyzer launching device independent spin-off music analysis tool

Denmark: RadioAnalyzer will be launching a new spin-off music analysis tool on WhatsOn.radio in a matter of days. This will enable programmers access to data on markets and competitors on all devices and with a range of filters and functions to enable decision making on the go.

In the press material that will follow the launch in a few days, RadioAnalyzer brands their new tool this way: “It’s airplay monitoring – but easier, cheaper and made exclusively for radio.”

Mikkel Becker Ottesen, CEO og and co-founder of RadioAnalyzer, explains:

– We already collect playlist data from hundreds of radio stations worldwide on behalf of our clients. In our desktop software suite that data is a part of the 360 degree insight we provide, also including big data analytics on listener behaviour and preferences. WhatsOn.radio puts the market surveillance data to use on a device independent website so clients can use it on smartphones and tablets as well as on their desktop.

Mikkel Becker Ottesen, CEO, RadioAnalyzer

RadioAnalyzer’s current offerings are high-end and have a number of key broadcasters as subscribers. WhatsOn.radio will not only benefit current clients, but open up the vast amounts of data to new clients on lower budgets.

– With the launch of WhatsOn.radio we feel we have a unique selection of tools: our main software suite and the two web based sister-products RadioAnalyzer 2Go and WhatsOn.radio. Together they enable deep analytics and provide insight on radio regardless if your radio station has a large or small research budget, regardless og what role you have in the company organisation and regardless of what device you want to work on.

– Our current clients get more flexibility and new clients can choose if they want the whole package or just stick with the AirPlay analytics on WhatsOn.radio. And since we use automated Technologies to collect the data we can offer the service at a low price and without long contracts; basically just pay online and get started.

Ottesen continues:

– Most AirPlay monitoring services today are built for copyright societies and radio stations are in turn able to buy the data. WhatsOn.radio is built for radio – the filters, sorting and functions are tailored, relevant and useful to music directors and other decision makers in radio.

The first taste of WhatsOn.radio will be launching in just a matter of days – however the full subscriber version won’t be available until the end of the year. In an email to RadioAssistant Ottesen explains why a version will be launched at this time:

– The free version of WhatsOn.radio that we are launching now contains 24-hour charts for countries and areas, based on the major radio stations. We think a week is too long to wait for the next number one, so in a sense we are providing a taste of what it will be like to subscribe to WhatsOn.radio once we open the pay-version at the end of the year where users select how many and which national and international radio stations they want to include in their service.

.radio pioneers securing quality radio content

.radio is a new top level domain name by radio for radio. A few projects and businesses have been chosen as so-called .radio pioneers – this project from RadioAnalyzer being one of them. Mikkel Becker Ottesen think it will add a level of trust.

– We are very happy to have been selected as a .radio Pioneer by the domain administrators at EBU. We see a huge potential for the .radio domain, not only as a marketplace but also as a knowledge base for our beloved radio industry. And the fact that there is a level of control and and approval before you are let in to .radio is a real comfort. It means users and visitors are better able to trust the sites and the companies behind them and that the quality of services should remain high and consistent.

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