Familiarity with podcasting grows by 22 per cent in two years

The podcast Serial played on an iPhone. Photo: Casey Fiesler from Atlanta - Serial Podcast, CC BY 2.0

USA: Americans’ familiarity with the term “podcasting” had been relatively flat for several years, with very little movement from 2009 until 2015. The last two years however, there has been a significant jump in familiarity by 22 per cent, according to figures from Edison Research.

Something has happened – it has happened BIG in just two years. After a near flat level of familiarity of the term “podcasting”, 6 in 10 Americans now know what it is. That means that, after six years of relatively static growth, awareness of podcasting has grown by 22% in just two years.

The same figures – contained in the study Infinite Dial 2017 – show that 4 in 10 Americans say they have listened to a podcast and almost 1 in 4 listens every month.

More on these figures and the Infinite Dial 2017 over at Edison Research.

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