New strategy brings radio news to smart speakers, apps, podcast and social media

NPR One app on Amazon Echo smart speaker. Photo: NPR

USA: US public broadcaster NPR are rolling out their summer strategy called “news everywhere”. They will be utilising the extremely popular smart speakers, the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home, mobile apps, podcasting and social media. This way NPR’s radio reach will be greater than ever. writes;

According to eMarketer, 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated smart speakers at least once a month this year, well over double the number in 2016. Earlier this year, NPR and local Member stations incorporated both live and on-demand on Alexa and Google Home, through the placement of live station streams as well as a new skill for the NPR One app.

Talking about the app – it is accessible on 97 per cent of all smart phones in the world with versions for the Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In-car NPR is available in more than 30 car brands and 100 models through CarPlay, Android Auto, and other connected-car platforms. There is also support for audio receivers, over 1.000 various products, through Bluetooth, Airplay and Chromecast.

It is synced with Twitter that offers hourly updates too.

News Everywhere rolled out this week and is, in part, also available to people outside of North America.

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