Now that is an impressive list of presenters!

All the 58 presenters for 'Sommar i P1' this year. Photo: Mattias Ahlm/Sveriges Radio

Sweden: Every year Sveriges Radio – Swedens national public service broadcaster – offer a special summer programme called ‘Sommar i P1’ hosted by ‘Sommarvärdar’, literally ‘Summer presenters’. This year they have everyone doing a stint, including a former England manager (he does it in Swedish too), a president and a pop star.

Tradition is great. It isn’t really summer in Sweden without the programme ‘Sommar i P1’. Needless to say it has great ratings. In previous years all of Swedens national heroes have done stints – each one for one day only.

This year another 58 (!) people have been invited to present for a day. Among them an impressive list of Swedes ranging from journalists, writers, singers and other public figures. A first is the former Finnish president Tarja Halonen. She will talk about living in the Nordic region, calling it home, in this day and age.

Johan Kuylenstierna, a climate scientist, will talk about us as humans being central in saving and preserving our planet.

Singer/songwriter Per Gessles, of Roxette fame, will talk about how music can bridge many issues and problems, including those separated by a national border.

Interestingly Roy Hodgson, former England manager, is also invited this year. He will do his show in Swedish – a language he is wonderfully fluent in. He will give his view on things as one who used to make this Scandinavian country his home.

A full list of presenters and more information can be found, in Swedish, in our Sweden section.

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