BBC Radio 3 Season Launch Autumn/Winter 2017

Sarah Walker, Sara Mohr-Pietsch, Suzy Klein. Photo: BBC

UK: Radio 3 Controller Alan Davey Wedensday unveiled a raft of new commissions across the music and culture station, including Radio 3’s latest Slow Radio commissions, special seasons, new programmes, schedule changes and a presenter reshuffle.

– We’re a place for anyone who needs space to think or time out. I want Radio 3 to be an antidote to today’s often frenzied world. We’re more than just a radio station – we’re a curator and a creator, a commissioner, and an innovator, says Alan Davey, Controller of BBC Radio 3.

– We connect our audiences with the very best of music and culture from outstanding classical concerts to full-length radio dramas, Slow Radio to sound art innovations, from world premieres to lost and forgotten gems. It’s our distinctive cultural offering which sets us apart. We are a cultural powerhouse and a committed contributor to today’s classical music and arts landscape.

Among the autumn season highlights are:

– Radio 3 to embark on its most ambitious Slow Radio broadcast yet, with Horatio Clare attempting to recreate the sense of the landmarks along Johann Sebastian Bach’s famous journey from Arnstadt to Lübeck. This is one of several Slow Radio broadcasts on Radio 3 this autumn.

– Radio 3 to conduct a unique experiment on its listeners as part of Why Music? The Key To Memory, a collaboration with Wellcome Collection.

– Sarah Walker to get own show as the sole presenter of Sunday Morning on Radio 3.

– Three new works by BBC Proms Inspire young composers and their mentor Kerry Andrew to premiere at Why Music? The Key To Memory in partnership with Wellcome Collection.

Full list of highlight can be found the BBC Media Centre.

1 Comment on "BBC Radio 3 Season Launch Autumn/Winter 2017"

  1. Anthony Powell | October 1, 2017 at 12:24 | Reply

    It is with increasing sadness that l have listened to both Essential Classics and Sunday Morning. Why emulate Classic FM, which does a very good job, in its own style, with its tendency to play short pieces or extracts of music, often listened to as background music and making limited, if often interesting, demands on the listener.
    Leave them to deal with the stresses of the day,pouring out words such as calm,relaxed. I hesitate to use the words ‘dumbing down’ or ‘Patronising’, but that is the impression l am getting. Sarah and Rob, as well as Jonathan Swain, were doing an excellent job of providing a wide range of music, introducing some less familiar works, challenging the listener sometimes, and always including some substantial complete works, rather than snapshots.
    A further regrettable loss is the playing of the Record Review recommendation in full on the following Sunday morning.
    You may possibly attract new listeners, but from wh see where? Classic FM, R.4?
    I think you may lose more.
    I’m tempted to play more cds than give much time to the changes as they are.
    After 60 yrs of listening to Third prog and R.3, these are the only changes that disappoint.Peak time listeners need challenges too and the current format does not seem to provide that

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