Norwegians embrace new digital radio stations

Illustration: Pinell Go DAB+

Norway: The new radio stations that came about as a result of the Norwegian FM switch-off have received significantly more listening over the last year. The number of listeners to these stations increased by over 30 per cent in May and June 2017, year-on-year.

Norwegians have more radio stations than ever before – the increase is six fold! It is due to the FM switch-off process that has seen radio going completely digital. Local radio stations outside of metropolitan regions are still on FM for at least another five years and the the region around the capital Oslo and the far north will only switch off later this year.

Stations that had little or no FM-distribution sees a steady growth. In May, 1,174,000 Norwegians listened to the new digital offerings daily, compared to 885,000 last year. In June, daily listening increased to 1,228,000, up on 940,000 the previous year. The increase represents a growth of 32.6 per cent and 30.6 per cent per month respectively. The figures do not include listening to national stations NRK P1, NRK P2, NRK P3, P4 and Radio Norge, which are now fully digital in more than half of the country.

– These are very good numbers. The main purpose of the switch-over is to give the audience more choice. When the new stations have an increase of over 30 percent, we can conclude that the broadcasters are offering content that the listeners find relevant, says Ole Jørgen Torvmark, CEO of Digital Radio Norway.

Figures are from the weekly Kantar TNS PPM survey.

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