US Talk: It’s all about US – North Korea tensions

USA: News/talk stations across America are talking about the US-North Korea tensions. According to The Talkers Ten, a list of topics discussed on talk-formatted stations in the US, it is pretty much all about Donald Trump and Kim jong-un.

As the world is looking on the US and North Korea are playing the most intense game of chicken. Not surprisingly it came out top topic on US talk-formatted radio stations this week. compiles a weekly list of topics, The Talkers Ten, and the number one topic is the US and North Korean stand-off. They also compile a list of people discussed and Donald Trump tops the list ahead of North Korean dictator Kim jong-un.

Generally politics is all over the airwaves only interrupted briefly by sexism in Silicon Valley, Taylor Swift and sports.

The Talkers Ten is published every Friday at

President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Photo: The White House –, Public Domain

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