James Cridland: Next Radio Conference – watch the whole thing

James Cridland: Last Monday I was at Next Radio, the radio ideas conference, in London. It’s something that Matt Deegan and I have run for the last seven years: a place where incredible people come together and speak about the radio and audio industry.

So, that’s why this column will be quite short this week: because I’ve been on aeroplanes and in hotel rooms tapping away at Keynote presentations for much of the week (and lack the organisation to actually write this column in advance, which would no doubt please my editors rather more).

We’re quite lucky with this conference – held every September in London. We have visitors from across the world; and this year was the largest yet. There’s real excitement at the state of our industry.

I talk regularly about the change of technology that allows us to do great things. And so it is with Next Radio – six years ago, it took us nearly three months to edit and release videos from the event. This year, though, I’m thrilled that almost all the videos are already online. I’ve not even made it home yet.

So, instead of reading a longer column from me, get a coffee, sit down, and watch some of the great speakers we had. I would recommend the National Prison Radio session with Carl Cattermole (who got the longest applause we’ve ever had); Sjors Fröhlich from BNR Nieuwsradio, a dutch station, on how they’re using data; and there’s something from me there, too.

And – of course – the videos are free. Anything that helps us make better radio will benefit us all. So you’ll find all the videos from this year on the front page at https://next.radio/

Enjoy them!

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