Nielsen has started tracking podcast listeners behaviour

USA: In August Nielsen released their first Nielsen Podcast Insights report. It looks at the shopping habits of today’s podcast consumer. Nielsen concludes; “There’s little doubt that podcasts, which have long been un-tethered from the iPod, are a media force to take note of.”

The new Nielsen Podcast Insights report quantifies the value of those people who listen to podcast. The report also illustrates the growth of podcasting amongst diverse audiences.

– Many marketers and advertisers have yet to see the connection between podcast engagement and consumer spending, Nielsen writes about their new report.

Nielsen notes podcast fans are insatiable media consumers who are extremely committed to the programmes they’re engaged with. They are also very influential at the till in local shops. The Nielsen report aim to drill down behaviour to categories and podcast listening. For instance, bottled water has the greatest household penetration in the US. Some 84 per cent of households buy bottled water. Of these homes 51 per cent are podcast listeners and some 12 million of them are avid podcast fans.

Putting a number against the bottled water to podcasting findings, we see that the podcast audience influences $2.8 billion in annual bottled water sales. More importantly, the avid podcast fan spends more per year on bottled water, making them a more desirable target for advertisers.

Other categories considered are baby food and beer. These are compared to audience categories such as Religion & Spirituality, TV & Film and Kids & Family. The Nielsen report even breaks it down it terms of ethnic groups where the “white” group are the most avid podcast listeners. Hispanic, Afro American, Asian American and Other accounts for 36 per cent of listening.

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