USA: Radio presenter comes to rescue – literally – in flooded Houston

John P. Lopez posted this photo on his Twitter feed @LopezOnSports after the rescue.

USA: Radio presenter John Lopez is a local hero in the flooded US city of Houston, Texas. Over ten hours, after having borrowed two boats, he was able to help save between 18 and 20 people from the disaster.

There are several stories about individuals doing incredible things for others in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. One of these stories, first reported by USA Today, is about US radio presenter John Lopez. He is a popular voice on Houston’s KILT SportsRadio 610.

Lopez have his own boat, but it was in dry dock over 100 miles away (about 160 kilometers). He took to Twitter and asked if he could borrow a boat to contribute in the rescue effort. Two people offered and via Twitter Lopez asked those in need of rescue to get in touch.

Over 10 hours of hard work John Lopez and others managed to save between 18 and 20 people that found themselves trapped by the rising flood water.

Why would he do this?

– I was just really trying to help. I just wanted to do what needed to be done. The fisherman’s code says when you see a boat in distress, you stop everything and help that boat. Now Houston is in distress, so you stop everything and help, Lopez says to USA Today.

– I knew I had the expertise. I just needed a boat.

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