New look and sound for Virgin Radio – it’s all about the music

UK: It’s all about the music for Virgin Radio, with the launch of a new marketing campaign showcasing its new Breakfast Show, brand imaging and station voiceovers. The campaign slogan, ‘It’s all about the music’, put music at the forefront of the station.

Virgin Radio’s new Breakfast Show hosts Sam Pinkham and Amy Voce made their debuts this week, playing ‘more music in the morning’ and combining the show’s high song count with high-impact, entertaining content.

The new ‘Button Badge’ marketing campaign is designed to reflect Virgin Radio’s position as having credible music authority and being a passionate music fan.

The campaign slogan, ‘It’s all about the music’, is used prominently in the above-the-line marketing to put music at the forefront of the station.

The iconography of the button badges, patch logo and denim background is ‘contemporary retro’, with the individual badges reflecting the character and range of the music and artists that Virgin plays.

Devised by creative agency Lionhouse, the campaign will run in national press, digital, social and outdoor media and will feature multiple executions across the next three months.

A new defining sound for the station comes from imaging specialist, On the Sly Productions, who have remixed the station jingles to reinforce the station as a champion for great music.

Francis Currie, the Group Content Director – Music at Wireless Group, said:

– The Button Badge campaign is designed to appeal to music fans of all ages, but particularly targeting 25-44 years olds who love ‘real’ music more than manufactured pop. It has been a joy to work with such a talented team on this campaign to reinforce Virgin Radio as the place to find credible music authority and the passionate music fan.

Ian Grace, Head of Virgin Radio International said:

– Virgin Radio has always been central to Virgin’s love affair with music. Our new show and campaign is taking things to the next level – we’ve got more cutting edge music, iconic tunes and high impact entertainment than ever before.

The new station voiceover Dave Bethell said:

– Virgin Radio is such a strong brand and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. I am excited to be working with the team and am psyched to be part of creating something truly unique in UK radio.

Les Welch, Creative Director of Lionhouse, said:

– As well as being an iconic radio station, Virgin Radio is acutely tuned-in to the emotive power of great music. And it really gets its audience.

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