Antenne Niedersachsen adds two new podcasts

Germany: Antenne Niedersachsen are adding two fresh new podcasts to their offering, totaling 15. “Weiberkram” is candid and honest chat between the presenter and her best friend. In “Promi-Talk” Chrissie Weiss present personal and honest chats with celebrities.

Antenne Niedersachsen are launching two new podcasts.

Chrissie Weiss present “Promi-Talk”. She has already been awarded a “Best Interview” German Radio Award for her work. The premise for the podcast is a celebrity in middle age and learning to get them better. Antenne Niedersachsen promises episodes that are “extremely personal” and giving a unique insight into the guests and their lives.

TV personality Isabella Müller-Reinhardt presents “Weiberkram”. With her best friend Eve in the studio they discuss men, love and all things female. Antenne Niedersachsen promise a “fly on the wall” experience where you get to sit in on a candid and real conversation.

The radio station also offer podcasts on sports, one for young mothers and a have a teacher that share stories from school.

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