Articles by Endre Lundgren

James Cridland: The UK almost ready to turn off FM?

James Cridland: Across Europe, they’ve been busy switching off AM, and the switchoff of FM is getting closer for one of the largest European countries. This week James considers the latest RAJAR figures and digital radio.

Antenne Niedersachsen adds two new podcasts

Germany: Antenne Niedersachsen are adding two fresh new podcasts to their offering, totaling 15. “Weiberkram” is candid and honest chat between the presenter and her best friend. In “Promi-Talk” Chrissie Weiss present personal and honest chats with celebrities.

Professor Stephen Hawking to guest star in BBC Radio 4 drama

UK: World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking is set to join the cast of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy: Hexagonal Phase. The cult classic is returning to Radio 4 in March to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Douglas Adams’s groundbreaking radio series.

Young people are still interested in news – even on the radio

Denmark: Young people aren’t as ignorant to world events as one might think. New research from Denmark show that nine out of ten young people between 15 and 29 consume news every single day – the only difference is the way they do it compared to previous generations. Head of DR Medieforskning, the research arm of Danish Radio, Dennis Christensen says that people consume more news as they age.

De unge følger med på nyheter og radio er fortsatt viktig

Det er ikke så ille med de unge og forbruket av nyheter som en kanskje skulle tro. Det viser forskning fra Danmark. Ni av ti mellom 15 og 29 år benytter nyheter hver dag – de gjør det bare på en annen måte enn sine foreldre og besteforeldre. Nyhetsforbruket stiger dessuten svakt jo eldre man blir, sier lederen for DR Medieforskning, Dennis Christensen.

90 procent af unge følger nyhederne hver dag – 31 procent på radio

Det står ikke så galt til, som nogen får det til at lyde. Ni ud af 10 mellem 15 og 29 år benytter nyhederne dagligt – de gør det bare på andre måder end deres forældre og bedsteforældre. – Nyhedsforbruget stiger svagt, jo ældre man bliver, siger lederen af DR Medieforskning, Dennis Christensen.