Ten secret truths only radio people know about…

Working as a presenter on the radio introduces you to a world that is full of illusions. Being “in the know” will make you nod along to these facts, our trade secrets, about life on the radio. Did anyone say glamorous?

1. Radio presenters need to be loved.
Attention, validation, and approval are all must-haves for most presenters.

2. You really are just talking to yourself.
It takes a special kind of person to listen to their own voice for hours a day. You wonder if people are listening, and on some stations – especially student radio – they probably aren’t.

3. Presenters can be chronic oversharers.
Presenters love to tell a story any chance they get, so friends and family often get thrown under the bus for a tale. There is no privacy: Nothing is sacred in a radio presenter’s life if it’ll make the perfect link.

4. A lot of co-presenters actually don’t get along.
A mutual dislike can be fun to listen to, though, and negative pairings can still be successful if the co-hosts paint a convincing picture of being BFFs.

5. Cut-throat daily life – everything is a competition.
You sometimes find yourself hating someone for coming up with a great idea for a link, feature, or giveaway. It’s violent admiration. No matter how good of a friend they are, a part of you still sees other hosts as a threat.

6. Some breakfast presenters have been drunk on air from the night before.
It turns out two and half hours worth of sleep does not help an awful lot when you had 11 pints the night before.

7. A presenter probably doesn’t “absolutely love” the song they’re playing.
If listeners think playlists are repetitive, how many times have presenters heard what’s being played?

8. There are many rules and guidelines.
Hardly anyone are allowed to just chat idly between songs; there are quite often stringent rules and style guides to follow, even for the silliest-sounding shows.

9. Breakfast presenters and producers don’t ever get used to the early alarm.
It is, and always will be, unnatural to get up before the sun. Afternoon naps are the key to survival.

10. Everyone knows everyone, so it’s important to be nice.
It’s an incredibly small industry. The person interning with you now might end up being your producer in two years. This is especially important to remember when just starting out, as word travels fast and you don’t want a bad reputation.

Thanks to Buzzfeed and other sites that inspired the list.

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  1. This is S O damn revealing….

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