What just happened with Nino de Angelo and why he is banned by German radio station

Nino de Angelo in Magdeburg in 2010. Photo: NicoJenner - Own work, CC BY 3.0

Germany: Don’t know who Nino de Angelo is? We didn’t either. In fact, he is mostly only known to fans of a quintessentially German brand of music; the Schlager. He is – was – one of its greatest stars, until he spoke his mind. Now he is banned by the biggest Schlager-formatted station in Germany.

So – what has happened?

Well, in short, Nino de Angelo called time on what he felt was a bad practice in the Schlager industry. The 54 year old did an interview with one of Germany’s largest newspapers, Bild, and called the industry ‘hypocritical and indifferent’.

The star went as far as to say there was no chance to make it unless you knew the right people.

The response?

Fans cannot believe it. Many dismiss their former idol and feel it is an attack on them. The largest radio station, the Schlager-formatted radio B2, has taken him off their playlists.

According to German industry website Radio Woche the station said anyone who stabs Schlager music in the back ‘does not deserve to be played’.

This is really the core of the problem Nino de Angelo was talking about. Not dancing to the right tune, or Schlager, will end your career – sometimes even before it begins.

Nino de Angelo has been in the Schlager industry for 40 years. He is known for his 1983 chart-topper “Jenseits von Eden”, and participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1989 with the song, “Flieger”, written by Dieter Bohlen and Joachim Horn-Bernges.

Last year he was one of the big names at said radio station, B2, annual SchlagerHammer festival in front of a crowd of 20 000.

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