A week of sex to fight STD among the young

DR P3 presenters Christian Bonde and Maria Fantino will be dealing with awkward questions and healthy advice this week. Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull © Type 1

Denmark: Danish national radio, Danmarks Radio (DR), are taking aim at sexually transmitted diseases this week. On TV, DR3, and their youth oriented national radio station P3 humour will help tell stories to make young danes aware of sexual health issues.

In two decades the number of young danes infected with chlamydia has more than doubled. Most of those infected are between 15 and 29 years of age. If not treated chlamydia can lead to an inability to have children and in ten per cent of cases even cancer.

The youth oriented platforms DR3 (TV) and DR P3 (radio) are spending this week focusing on sex and how to make young people think about protection.

– Most young people probably think they have this covered. Too often they aren’t protected and, sometimes, that has consequences, says P3 editor Steffen Raastrup.

– This week we will use humour and stories from the young themselves to highlight the issue.

Untraditional mix of rom-com and musical in ‘Seksualundervisning – the musical’. Photo: Lars E Andreasen © Type 2

On TV a special musical on sex-ed, pictured, will be shown.

On radio the drive time show, ‘Curlingklubben’, will be dealing with taboo subjects, include worried parents and other adults and answer ‘stupid’ questions.

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