Young people are still interested in news – even on the radio

The share of young people listening to news on the radio is relatively unchanged over time. Photo: Julie Mørkeberg/DR

Denmark: Young people aren’t as ignorant to world events as one might think. New research from Denmark show that nine out of ten young people between 15 and 29 consume news every single day – the only difference is the way they do it compared to previous generations. Head of DR Medieforskning, the research arm of Danish Radio, Dennis Christensen says that people consume more news as they age.

Much has been said and written about how young people consume news. Some claim that young people simply aren’t interested in news, democracy and the society around them. It is claimed young people only waste time on “stupidifying social media”. The numbers, that are from Denmark, paints a different picture of young people who are far more informed and interested than some parents and other adults might think.

– News consumption increases with age. In 2017 90 per cent of those between 15 and 29 (in Denmark) consumed news every day, compared to 95 per cent across all demographics. This means younger people consume less news than the society at large, but 90 per cent is still a high number. It is probably a lot higher than older generation can imagine, says head of DR Medieforskning, Dennis Christensen.

Mr Christensen has written about how young people consume in his recent report “Medieutviklingen 2017”.

He argues that news is different now, as in where the young find news.

Young people get their news updates mainly from news sites, news apps and social media. They don’t often sit down in front of the TV in the evening. On the other hand, the share of young people getting their daily news update from the radio is stable over time.

Share of 15-29 consuming news daily, by media.

Social media: 66 per cent
Online: 60 per cent
TV: 31 per cent
Radio: 31 per cent
Print: 20 per cent
Tele-Text: 5 per cent

Source: Megafon for DR Medieforskning

The report ‘Medieutviklingen 2017’ (in Danish) can be accessed via

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